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July 07 2017

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Diana way too pure/good for this world Prince + quotes 

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Aubrey Plaza for Rogue Magazine:

“Being a ‘deadpan’ actor and comedian is harder than people think. Being funny with doing nothing at all is a skill that some people have honed that is really hard. There is a lot going on, even though it seems like there’s nothing going on. The frustrating thing about being labeled as ‘deadpan’ is that, for me, April Ludgate was a human being that had so many things going on and motivations for everything she said and did.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine → season 2 (part ¼)
one poster per episode [insp]

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Jake & Amy in Season 4

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one gif per episode + season five countdown

Sal’s Pizza (9/90)

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I wish we had more time.

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Behind the Scenes Vs Actual Scene Series

Post 17/? - Undercover


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favourite episodes of brooklyn nine-nine: 48 hours

“Okay, a couple of quick announcements. First, I met our night janitor, Ronald. If any of you are missing hand sanitizer, he drank it.”
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Rewatch [75/90] » Mr. Santiago
⤷ What is this, 1950? I can’t date someone unless I have my father’s approval? You guys act like this is your decision to make, like, the woman doesn’t even exist in this equation.

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June 09 2017

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star wars gif meme ♥ [5/10] characters
   ↳ Cassian Andor


honestly the team split in civil war is so funny because there’s actually no genuine deep reasons for half of the people, clint didn’t give a shit, scott was just happy to be there, tony literally went and recruited peter like he knew about this kid swinging around in a costume that looked like pjs for who even knows how long and then was like maybe i can add him to the Team™, t'challa would have been on anyone’s team if it meant chasing down bucky, it’s like the worlds most extra game of dodgeball like i can’t believe all these people got sucked into a Petty Show Off Extravaganza because the mcu refuses to have any communication between steve and tony like lmao

June 03 2017

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Anyway this is the cat that I saw yesterday walking to uni what a good boy I love him

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